For me, it’s fascinating to look back and see an author’s humble beginnings through their earlier work. But it’s even more of a treat to witness a writer’s craft develop as they grow as people. This week on Coffee Break, we take a look at transition, self-discovery, and the pursuit of joy, both through writing and finding yourself through a “leap of faith”.

“I feel like my story is just a metaphor for having the courage to listen to your inner voice and take that leap.”

My guest today is Jake Heilbrunn, blogger, motivational speaker, and author of Off the Beaten Trail: A Young Man’s Soul-Searching Journey Through Central America. We spoke about the personal struggles that motivated his yearning for travel, the people whose stories he tells along the way, and what it took to leave his entire life behind.

“I felt like I needed something to nourish my soul that was so far from anything I could understand… Your willpower is finite, but your environment can change everything.”

We also spoke about the learning process of self-publishing, the secret to writing over 100,000 words in three months, and the importance of a mindset of gratitude. But the themes of transformation and personal betterment prevails throughout our conversation.  And, as Jake assures us, all of us are united in the need to discover ourselves.

“The first step is the hardest part. No one’s ever fully ready.”

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