Today’s episode of Coffee Break proves a point that I’ve been trying to make for years. And that is: it’s never too late to start writing.

No matter your background, profession, or passions, everyone has a story to tell. And, as far as stories are concerned, today we are in for quite a treat!

“I had an extremely good teacher who was very encouraging… but he also was very realistic that this was not a good way to make a living.”

My guest today is Jay Greenfield, born and raised New York author of Max’s Diamonds, a critically-acclaimed coming-of-age novel set in post-World War II America. At 84 years young, Jay draws upon his rich life and prominent career in law to give depth and personality to his writing.

“Putting words on paper is easy. Making them weave well and editing is tough.”

In today’s episode, Jay and I talk about his life and career choices that led to publishing his first novel as well as the influences that have made an impact on the stories he tells.

“You really can’t do anything well unless you’re willing to give it a total commitment.”

I’ll let Jay speak for himself, but I hope listeners can connect with his honesty and gain inspiration from his accomplishments. Thank you for sharing your life and your wisdom with us, Jay, and good luck on your next book!

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