We talk a lot on this podcast about what it takes to write every day. We even delve into branding and marketing your platform. But what happens after you’ve finally published your book? In many ways, proofing your final draft is the beginning of the real work. Today’s guest shares the joys of publishing her first book as well as some nitty-gritty details of publishing you may not have considered.

“I was so excited and so happy when I finally had my book in my hand. That’s something that nobody can take away.”

Renita Bryant is the author of Yesterday Mourning as well as the owner of independent publisher and consultant Mynd Matters. In today’s Coffee Break, she talks about her transition from Corporate America to indie writer, publicist, and advisor.

“It was very trying at times. Deciding that I was going to publish was scary and it was overwhelming. I was concerned that people would hate it or nobody would want to read it. Or what would my family think?”

Renita now shares her experience with her clients, advising new authors to “know their numbers” and manage money while on promotional tours and book signings. She admits things can get a bit wild once you publish your book. But throughout the entire process, she is constantly reminded of her greatest asset: her peers.

“People are so willing to help you. There’s something about being a part of the indie community that felt like you have partners here; you have friends here; you have people that actually care. And they’re trying to help each other.”

Renita is currently working on her second novel. Click the links below to check in with her or just to say hi!

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