There’s a lot to be said about the “process” of writing. For many, it’s the natural progression of an idea to a published work–with all the voice, tone, and theme boxes checked off along the way. But is there really a set-in-stone formula for publishing a successful novel or becoming a “real” writer?

“What’s a ‘fake’ writer? Does that exist? If you’re writing, you’re a writer. So just say it loud and say it proud!”

Enter Megan Hannum, developmental editor and writing coach extraordinaire. Through her website and blog, Whynott Edit, Megan helps seasoned authors and underrepresented writers alike reach the pinnacle of their craft.

“If you’re writing with the intention of sharing this with the world, you’re saying something to them. You’re saying something to your readers.”

In today’s Coffee Break, Megan and I discuss the benefits of developmental editing and post-first draft outlining, as well as the ever-changing standards of the writing industry, traditional versus self and hybrid publishing options, and the revision tools she uses to shape the stories that shape the world.

“Stories absolutely shape the world that we’re living in. They’re a product of it, but they also reflect it. So we have to see the world that we want to be living in the stories we’re reading. That means hearing from every voice out there, especially the ones that get silenced more often than not.”

Megan offers a weekly blog for writers, an email course on manuscript revision, and personalized coaching and editing services for marginalized authors. Stop by her site and social medias and say hello!

I hope today’s episode shows you a different side of the writing process. Hopefully, you’ll learn about some resources and options you didn’t even know existed! Keep writing, my friends, and thanks for listening.

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