I talk a lot on this show about the “process” of writing, whether it’s finding the time and energy to write every day or looking ahead to publishing and marketing. But I must admit, I’m a fairly disorganized writer myself. I seldom write for myself with any real consistency, I rarely use outlines, and I hardly ever finish what I start.

Perhaps what I need (and other writers like me) is a different perspective on what it truly means to write.

“Imagine this: your great great grandmother or your great uncle had written one honest page about their lives. What a treasure! It’s a treasure potentially lost if we don’t write.”

Randy Wayne White is a veteran fishing guide, magazine contributor, and restauranteur. But as the author of over forty books, Randy seeks to leave a legacy of literary treasure in his wake.

Without any formal training, Randy’s love of books is the driving force behind his prolific writing. This is evidenced by his latest novel, Mangrove Lightning, the 24th installment in his Doc Weathers series of thrillers.

“Not having a plot line does not mean you’re disorganized. If you follow your characters faithfully, a conclusion will come. Either that or you’ll freaking run out of paper! You have to have faith in your characters.”

In today’s Coffee Break, Randy and I discuss his unique take on writing and self-promotion, the deep connections writing can create with readers, and the real secret behind his many accomplishments.

“Be relentless. If there is a secret to writing successfully–whatever successfully means–it’s this.”

Be sure to stop by Randy’s website and Facebook to see what adventures he’s up to now! I hope my fellow pantsers and haphazard writers find affirmation in Randy’s story. Stay relentless, my friends, and thanks for listening!

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