We talk a lot on this show about the adventures of self publishing and personal marketing. But there is also a lot to be said about traditional publishing today. There are many options and opportunities that just aren’t available to you as an independent author, and that may be okay with you! But if you do want to get read by the big five publishers someday, the first thing you’ll need is a good agent.

“The most frustrating thing is when you spend so much time writing your book… and then it can’t go anywhere because you can’t get anyone to read it.”

Rachel Stout is a former literary agent and current freelance editor and advisor who wants every author to know their options. With an insider’s knowledge of literary agencies and large publishers, Rachel dispels the myths surrounding agents by offering a comprehensive guide to getting your own through the Query Mastery program.

“Querying is hard… you’re going to get a lot of rejections not matter how good your book is.”

In this week’s episode of Coffee Break, Rachel reveals the truth about building a relationship with a literary agent, as well as the benefits and skills they bring to the table to help you get published. She also spills the beans on some common misconceptions about traditional publishing and literary agencies.

“Agents get rejected just as much as authors do.”

Be sure to check out the free information through Query Mastery and say hello to Rachel on her website and social media (links below)! I hope this episode shows you a side of traditional publishing and literary agents that you hadn’t considered before. I know I learned something new. Thanks, Rachel and thanks to you for listening!

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