I’m excited to bring you a special guest for this week’s Coffee Break — science fiction writer and all-around wonderful person David Faux.

David is a church-custodian-turned-tow-truck-driver, but he is also in the process of querying his first novel, a space western called Sidewinder. And he has a beautiful message to share with you.

“Writing became where I could find my identity.”

Today, David and I are talking about the value of writing retreats and sabbaticals, the TV show Firefly, creating worlds, and how we react through writing when life throws both wonderful and terrible things our way.

“Being around certain people does allow me to open up and shine in a way that I can’t when I’m alone.”

David lost his 7-year-old daughter to cancer in 2002 and still uses novel-writing as a way to process the grief and pain. I am so grateful that David was willing to share his story with us, and I hope you find it as moving and meaningful as I did.

“I want to write a story to tell them that there’s hope.”

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