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I work on the Write Now podcast in my free time because I believe that you have a story to tell. And also because I might be insane — each episode takes me about 20 hours to plan, write, edit, host, produce, & market. (Yikes!)

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By contributing to the Write Now podcast, you’ll help me continue to produce fun, interesting, & ad-free content on a regular basis.

You’ll also help me to inspire, encourage, and educate aspiring writers to do what they love. And that’s a pretty terrific feeling.



10 thoughts on “Tip Jar

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  2. Jim Gratz says:

    I have a one page outline for a good suspense story. How can I find a writer to look at it and see if he feels he can develope it into a good book?

  3. Sean L says:

    Love your podcast! I listen to it all the time on my drive to work. Thank you for taking the time! I look forward to each one.

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