Coffee Break Episodes

While Write Now is a solo podcast that inspires you to write, its spin-off, Coffee Break, features conversational interviews with writers, creatives, and dreamers like you.

Listen to them in order, find a conversation that speaks to where you are right now with your writing, or re-listen to your favorites:

Coffee Break 032: Sandy Kreps

Blogging, bullet journaling, and networking. Oh my! Sandy Kreps gives us the honest truth and helpful tips about becoming a full-time freelance writer. Listen>>

Coffee Break 031: Jake Heilbrunn

Where there’s a will, Jake Heilbrunn has a way! Join us for an inspiring talk about leaving it all behind and finding yourself in the process. Listen>>

Coffee Break 030: Janna Maron

How can creative nonfiction help you to connect with people? What does it take to find or even create a supportive community? Tune in to find out! Listen>>

Coffee Break 029: Paul Sating

FRIENDS! On today’s Coffee Break episode, I’m featuring a kind of storytelling that I’ve never featured before: the audio drama! Listen>>

Coffee Break 028: David Galef

Novels, poetry, short stories… if you can name it, David has probably written it. In this fantastic episode, we’re talking about the power of brevity, compartmentalizing your life, & more. Listen>>

Coffee Break 027: Jocelyn K. Glei

Creativity expert-turned-full-time writer Jocelyn K. Glei & I talk about the balance between business and creativity, distraction, and so much more! Listen>>

Coffee Break 026: Patrick Hicks

“Whatever scares you to write… that’s what you should be writing.” I talk with author Patrick Hicks about how to see the world through a writer’s eyes, how traveling can change the way you write, how to deal with fear, and more. Listen>>

Coffee Break 025: Fauzia Burke

Fauzia and I talk about the NY book publishing bubble, the joys of self-publishing, social media marketing, taking risks, and more! Listen>>

Coffee Break 024: Ginny Carter

Ginny “The Authormaker” Carter and I have a lovely conversation for you about the nonfiction book-writing process, different modes of publication, and Ginny’s favorite aspect of being a writing coach. Listen>>

Coffee Break 023: Kevin T. Johns

Fellow writer, podcaster, ghostwriter, and writing coach Kevin T. Johns and I have a great (and honest) conversation about making the most of our time as busy writers. Listen>>

Coffee Break 022: Honoree Corder

Honorée is a speaker, business coach, writing coach, and Writer with a capital W. She is also a smart, sassy, and successful entrepreneur who has published 20 books and knows what it takes to sell them. Listen>>

Coffee Break 021: Jenny Bravo

Author Jenny Bravo & I talk about writing sprints, handwriting with pen & paper, keeping a scene list, our mutual love of Twitter, and tons more! Listen>>

Coffee Break 020: Andrew Coons

Poet & filmmaker Andrew Coons and I have a great conversation about career writing, anxiety, depression, self-worth, and getting back into the things you love after putting them on hold. Listen>>

Coffee Break 019: Hend Hegazi

Today’s show is an interview with Arab-American author Hend Hegazi, who has just published her second novel about gratefulness, forgiveness, and the universal yet hidden struggles we all deal with. I hope you enjoy it. Listen>>

Coffee Break 018: Mark Messick

Meet Mark Messick, the 16-year-old bestselling author of more than eleven books. Today we’re talking about possibility, positivity, and living the life you want to live. Join us! Listen>>

Coffee Break 017: Andrew Chapman

I am simply thrilled to feature screenwriter and television producer Andrew Chapman. In addition to writing scripts for Disney’s Pocahontas and TNT’s spy thriller “Legends”, he has also sold pilots to ABC, Fox, Amazon, ABC Family, and Sony, and published not one but two novels. Enjoy! Listen>>

Coffee Break 016: Melissa Johnson

Enjoy a great conversation about how to fit creative writing into a busy schedule with entrepreneur, author, and my own personal mentor, Melissa Johnson. Listen>>

Coffee Break 015: Karan Bajaj

I absolutely loved interviewing bestselling Indian author (& striving yogi!) Karan Bajaj, whose new book, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, hit bookstores earlier this month. Join us as we talk about the burden and freedom of a creative habit, the power of a journey, and so much more. Listen>>

Coffee Break 014: David Faux

David is a church-custodian-turned-tow-truck-driver who is querying his first sci-fi novel. We’re talking worldbuilding, NaNoWriMo, & hope in today’s show. Listen>>

Coffee Break 013: Diane Vallere

Diane & I talk about finding the courage to do what you love and love what you’re doing, the ups and downs of self-publishing, and what it’s like to be a “pantser”. Listen>>

Coffee Break 012: JoAnna Ver Meer

Meet JoAnna Ver Meer, a poet whose gentle and quiet spirit manifests beautifully in her new book, Syllables. Come for the poetry, stay for the friendship. Listen>>

Coffee Break 011: Matt Paulson, Take 2

Matt Paulson is back, and we’re talking about being smart enough to know when you’ve hit a wall, the perks of self-publishing, and writing on the treadmill. Listen>>

Coffee Break 010: Kaitlyn Mirison

In this beautiful & moving episode, Kaitlyn talks about finding the permission you need to write, discovering your self-worth & value as a person, and more. Listen>>

Coffee Break 009: Reshounn Foster

Today I’m talking with writer reShoUNn Foster, who is working to invigorate Detroit with the art of words through her Hip n Zen in the Northend project. Listen>>

Coffee Break 008: Deane Barker

A great conversation with nonfiction author & web content management veteran Deane Barker about being “friend-zoned” by your dream, editing fatigue, & more. Listen>>

Coffee Break 007: Vanessa Blakeslee

The marvelous Vanessa Blakeslee and I chat about character agency, subconscious stew, and the impetus behind her first novel. Listen>>

Coffee Break 006: Kate Dyer-Seeley

Author Kate Dyer-Seeley and I fight a spazzy Skype connection to bring you a conversation about writing cozy mysteries for a modern era. Listen>>

Coffee Break 005: Abraham Allende

Language has been a central part of Bishop Allende’s career, from teaching high-school French to broadcasting Cleveland Indians games. Listen>>

Coffee Break 004: Dave Booda

Dave Booda of the Darken the Page podcast chats with me about the pros and pitfalls of the creative process and our shared love of writing. Listen>>

Coffee Break 003: Matt Paulson, Take 1

I talk with my good friend Matt Paulson about his publishing platform, blogging, email marketing, and how he wrote a book in 18 days. Listen>>

Coffee Break 002: Mad Like Alyce

We chat with blogger Mad Like Alyce about both the creative and technical sides of blogging. Tons of great info for beginning bloggers! Listen>>

Coffee Break 001: Barbara Kyle

A truly delightful conversation with Barbara Kyle, author of the Thornleigh Saga, about crafting a real page-turner. Listen>>

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