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The Write Now podcast helps aspiring writers like you to find the time, energy, and courage you need to pursue your passion and write every day.

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Do I Need A Writing Degree? – WN 062

“Do I need a writing degree?” It’s a complex question that involves factors like time, money, lifestyle, goals, & more. Work through your own decision with help from today’s episode of the Write Now podcast! Listen>>

Self-Writing & Self-Talk – WN 061

Words have power—especially the words we say and think about ourselves. So whether you think you’re slime or God’s gift to writing, the way you think about yourself can have an immense effect on your work. Listen>>

Make Them Tell You No – WN 060

What’s the worst that will happen if you put yourself out there? How will you handle rejection? Even worse, what happens if you do nothing? Listen>>

SEO For Writers – WN 059

You finally have a website! Now how do you let the internet know you exist? How do you attract users? Never fear: SEO (search engine optimization) is here! Listen>>

All Of The Best Writing Excuses – WN 058

Do you ever put off writing because you need to wash the dishes or watch American Idol with your spouse? Are these legit reasons — or just excuses? Learn how to ditch the excuses and just write in this episode of the Write Now podcast! Listen>>

How To Survive Your Day Job – WN 057

Corporate structure crushing your spirit? Wishing you could quit your day job and write full time? This episode is for you. Listen>>

Living A Creative Live – WN 056

Are you living the life you want to live? Living a creative life is about making your own decisions and breaking the mold. But what does that mean? Listen>>

How To Prioritize Your Writing – WN 055

Where does the time go? Between work, family, and countless other obligations, who has the time to write these days? You do! Let’s prioritize. Listen>>

Introvert & Extrovert Writers – WN 054

Don’t let myths about personality keep you from fully exploring yourself as a writer. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and how you recharge! Listen>>

Does Listening To Music Help You Write? – WN 053

What’s the best music to listen to (if any) while you write? Let’s talk about music curation and what different genres of recorded sound can do for you! Listen>>

Personal Branding for Authors – WN 052

If you write, you have a personal brand! Let’s discuss some ways you can grow, maintain, and market your brand to help readers find your work. Listen>>

Should I Use A Pen Name? – WN 051

How do you know if writing under a pen name is right for you? This week’s episode of Write Now lays out 6 reasons a pen name might be a smart choice. Listen>>

The Most Important Question A Writer Can Ask – WN 050

Sometimes the most important aspect of writing is not the words you string together but the questions you ask. And one question in particular is incredibly helpful. Listen>>

What I Learned From Writing A Book In One Week – WN 049

Get the 10 invaluable writing lessons I learned while writing a book in one week. (That’s right: ONE WEEK.) Listen>>

30 Tips for 30 Days of NaNoWriMo – WN 048

From turning off your phone to staving off fear and/or hunger, this episode of the Write Now podcast is here to help you write through NaNoWriMo. Listen>>

What They Didn’t Teach You In School – WN 047

We learned a lot of great things in school. But our educational system isn’t perfect, and there are some things we should have learned about writing (and life) that we didn’t. All of those (and more!) in this week’s episode! Listen>>

Crafting Your Mission Statement – WN 046

A mission statement is a valuable tool for a writerit can help you understand your own story, remind you of your purpose, and guide you toward your goals. Today’s episode of Write Now podcast will help you create one! Listen>>

Careers for Writers – WN 045

Stuck in a soul-sucking, toxic day job while you dream of being a paid writer? Today’s episode covers 10 different career paths for writers just like you. Listen>>

How Do I Find My Muse? – WN 044

Chances are, you’ve heard of the concept of a muse, whether you’ve read your fair share of Shakespeare or simply seen Disney’s “Hercules”. But can a muse possibly have an effect on us here in the modern world? Listen>>

How Important Is Networking For Writers? – WN 043

I know, I know. You hate networking. I hate networking. It feels so corporate and shallow and sell-out-y. But it’s important for writers nonetheless. That’s why this episode is here to help you navigate the turbulent waters of this essential skill. Listen>>

Are There Any Original Ideas Left? – WN 042

Is it true that there’s “nothing new under the sun”, that we just keep retelling the same 3 stories over and over, and that Hollywood is out of ideas? Find out in the latest episode of Write Now! Listen>>

Should Writers Be Paid? – WN 041

We hear it all the time: “We can’t afford to pay our writers,” or, “Your payment will be exposure and experience!” But is that true? Should we take that unpaid internship? Find out in Episode 041 of Write Now. Listen>>

How To Deal With Rejection – WN 040

Rejection happens to every writer. This week’s episode explores different types of rejection and how some of them can actually help us to become better writers. Listen>>

The Worst Writing Advice – WN 039

The internet is brimming with writing advice, both good and bad. Here’s how to tell the difference — and a rundown of the worst offenders. Listen>>

Give Yourself Some Grace – WN 038

My deep, dark secret is that often I don’t like myself very much. I never feel like I’m *enough*. If you feel like this, you might just need some grace. Listen>>

De-Clutter Your Life So You Can Write – WN 037

Balance, clutter, distraction, scheduling, & grace collide as we answer the question: “What needs to happen for you to sit down, focus, and write?” Listen>>

The Pressure To Be Great – WN 036

Today’s episode is about how to deal with and respond to pressure in a way that creates positive outcomes (inspiration) instead of negative outcomes (crippling fear & doubt). Listen>>

The Power of a Writers’ Group – WN 035

Belonging to a writers’ group can have some amazing benefits. Avoid the pitfalls & make the most of your writers’ group with today’s episode of Write Now. Listen>>

Feeling Like A Fraud – WN 034

Sometimes our doubts get the better of us. Sometimes we listen to the voice that asks, “Who gave YOU permission to be a writer?” Here’s how to fight back. Listen>>

Do I Need A Website? – WN 033

Many writers wonder whether they need a website. Today I’m answering that question & providing tips on creating a solid online presence. Listen>>

Your New Year’s Writing Resolution – WN 032

This year, make (and keep!) a writing-centric New Year’s resolution with these 8 simple tips. Listen>>

Creating In A Time of Destruction – WN 031

Destruction is deeply tied with loss and grief and pain, but it’s a reality we as writers have to deal with and respond to. Here’s how. Listen>>

Letting Go – WN 030

Letting go is one of the hardest things a writer has to do. Here’s how to let go of perfectionism, ego, control, & more — graciously & gracefully. Listen>>

Writing With All of Your Senses – WN 029

I’m back from my mission trip to Jamaica, my friends. And I have several stories and writing insights to share with you. It’s all here in episode 029 of the Write Now podcast. Listen>>

My Writing Retreat – WN 028

I’ve spoken with many writers over the years about the merits of a writers’ retreat. But what good can a short-term retreat do? Find out in this episode. Listen>>

NaNoWriMo and You – WN 027

NaNoWriMo is a marathon for writers. The challenge: write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. It’s insane, but fun, & a great way to form a daily writing habit. Listen>>

When Life Kinda Sucks – WN 026

Sometimes things like illness, depression, toxic people, and bad situations at work can get the best of us. So what’s a writer to do? Listen>>

My 10 Favorite Books – Part II – WN 025

There’s always a reason behind why your favorite books are your favorites. Here are the next 5 on my listand why. Listen>>

My 10 Favorite Books – Part I – WN 024

We all have our favorite books. Here are the first 5 of my top 10, complete with why I love them oh-so-much. Listen>>

What Does Success Look Like to You? – WN 023

Success is something that we all daydream about but rarely give any serious thought. But it is possible, if you plan for and work toward it. Here’s how. Listen>>

Am I Meant To Be A Writer? – WN 022

When you wonder whether you were “meant” to be a writer, whose mandate are you following? This week’s episode will help you answer this tough question. Listen>>

How to Defeat Writers’ Block – WN 021

Writers’ block happens to most writers. Here are some ways you can fight back. Listen>>

Truth In Fiction – WN 020

Some people say “Writers are liars.” But I think that all writers, especially fiction writers & poets, are the penultimate truth-tellers. Here’s why. Listen>>

7 Reasons You Need A Writing Mentor – WN 019

A mentor might be the best thing that ever happens to you as a writer. From wise counsel to new challenges, here are 7 reasons you need a writing mentor. Listen>>

Fail A Lot – WN 018

I’m going to give you some advice that you probably don’t hear very often: FAIL A LOT. In fact, the more you fail, the more you’ll succeed. Here’s why. Listen>>

Your Professional vs. Creative Self – WN 017

Are your professional & creative selves ever at odds with each other? How does that affect your writing? And how do you find a healthy balance? Listen>>

How To Make Writing Fun Again – WN 016

Remember when writing used to be fun? Or better yet, satisfying? Re-ignite the spark and douse the shame with this week’s podcast episode. Listen>>

Why Is It So Important for Writers to Read? – WN 015

“Reading is essential if you’re going to be a writer.” You’ve heard it from teachers and fellow writers and books on writing. But WHY? Here’s 8 amazing benefits writers get from reading. Listen>>

Creating a Space for Writing – WN 014

What is your perfect writing environment? And is that where you do your best writing? Why do we take our writing environments so seriously? Listen>>

7 Ways to Write Yourself Out of a Corner – WN 013

You’ve written yourself into a corner and you have no idea how to fix it. Well, being in the corner sucks, so here are 7 ways you can try to get out. Listen>>

My 8 Favorite Writing Tools – WN 012

In which we explore some great writing tools, caffeine addiction, unhealthy pencil obsessions, and (bonus!) Jane Austen’s homemade ink recipe. Listen>>

Finding Your Voice – WN 011

What is this elusive element we call a voice? And how do we go about developing our own? Listen>>

Writing is Our Passion – WN 010

You’re passionate about writing. But the word “passion” means “to suffer”. What does that mean for us as writers? Listen>>

Say “Yes” to Writing – WN 009

There are only 24 hours in a day. So saying “yes” to writing often means saying “no” to other stuff. Fun stuff. Important stuff. And that’s hard. Listen>>

How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like Writing – WN 008

It can be incredibly hard to write every day. But I’ve found a way to make myself write (and write well) even when I don’t feel like it. Find out how in this week’s podcast. Listen>>

Who is My Audience? – WN 007

You want people to read and like (and buy!) your novel/book/etc. A great way to do that is to write stuff that people want to read. But who are those people, and how do you engage them with your writing? Listen>>

Walk It Off – WN 006

Dumpster diving. Mall walking. A 19th-century transcendentalist. Oh yeah, and how going for a walk can help free you from writers’ block. Listen>>

Regain Your Confidence – WN 005

All writers second-guess their abilities at some point. Here’s 5 tips on how to regain your lost confidence and become awesome again. Listen>>

Go On. Surprise Yourself. – WN 004

My own ability to surprise myself is my all-time favorite thing about writing. I’ve never been able to fully articulate how it works, or where the magic comes from. But I take a stab at it in today’s podcast episode. Listen>>

Writing As Self-Care – WN 003

The idea of using writing as a way to attain and maintain both physical and mental health isn’t new. Explore the ways in which writing can provide healing. Listen>>

5 Steps for Making Your Writing Goals a Reality – WN 002

As writers, how do we set goals — and stick to them? This episode explores five steps for setting realistic goals and following through on them. Listen>>

What’s Keeping You From Writing? – WN 001

Why don’t we write, if it’s our passion? Why, if we’re writers at heart, do we sometimes stop writing? Or why do we often run away from our talent? Listen>>

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