Well friends, it seems Coffee Break has finally come full-circleand I couldn’t be happier! What started as an interview format offshoot of the Write Now podcast has become a medium in which inspired listeners can become inspirational guests themselves.

“There is something to letting people connect emotionally to a story that makes it really memorable.”

My guest today is long-time listener and author of A Recipe for Hope Jeffery Weaver. Jeffery chronicles the moving account of his wife Susan’s trials and eventual triumph over cancer, as well as the remarkable dietary discoveries they made along the way.

“A good writer couldn’t have dreamed up a storyline and an arc better than the one that we had…”

In today’s episode, Jeffery and I talk about past Coffee Break guests Jay Greenfield and Jake Heilbrunn, and how their stories inspired him to share his own. We also discuss discovering the joys of writing, the thought process behind building character-driven stories, and facing the fear of rejection.

“Don’t be afraid to get knocked down. Get off the road, go out and adventure, and see what happens.”

I hope you enjoy listening to Jeffery’s story and continue to find inspiration from all my guests. Be sure to visit Jeffery’s website and ask about the awesome cookbook he and Susan have put together. Stay healthy, keep writing, and thanks so much for listening, friends!

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