I think one of the most difficult things for a writer is having to explain exactly what it is they do all day. The process of becoming an author is so romanticized, often to point where you’re either regarded as an oddball intellectual or someone with way too much free time. Sometimes it’s nice to partake in a little real talk about writing—from common challenges to unabashed realities.

“So much of writing is just staring off into space.”

I don’t think anyone embodies the honesty of writing more than my guest this week, Randal Greene, recent author of the novella Descriptions of Heaven. In this episode of Coffee Break, Randal and I talk about the lesser-known struggles and joys of being a new author.

“Everyone prioritizes this time you’ve set aside for composition as time that’s open-ended. But it’s really not.”

Randal talks about dealing with editors, proofreaders, and harsh critics, as well as living the life of a reclusive writer and his own tips and tricks for dealing with writer’s block.

“You don’t wait for the muse; you write anyway.”

If you’re interested in what it’s really like living as a full-time author, this episode is definitely for you. Be sure to stop by Randal’s website and check out his short stories. Now stop waiting for your muse and start writing! Thanks for listening 🙂

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