Novelists, poets, screenwriters, and authors alike share one fundamental similarity. All writers want to have an impact on their readers. And I’d say one of, if not the most, rewarding aspects of writing is that rare moment when you are afforded a glimpse of the influence your writing has had on someone.

“Story is one of the last bastions of hope in seeing each other as human, even when we disagree.”

I am super excited about this week’s episode of Coffee Break. Not only do I get to geek out about poetry, but I’m reminded that writing really can make a difference. Enter Lora Mitchell—poet, therapist, and Instagram extraordinaire. Lora is the author of the recently published collection of poetry, Diary of a Young Black Girl, and is working on her next book of therapeutic poems.

“You can write a line of poetry that touches the heart in such a way that people change.”

Lora shares her learning experiences with self publishing and the mindset of reading and writing that got her there. She also talks about her fascinating work in therapy and the role of sharing stories in this life-changing process. But most importantly, we discuss the power we as writers have for good in the world.

“That’s the power of story. It tells us we’re not alone.”

I hope this episode reminds you of why you love to write. Be sure to stop by Lora’s social medias and say hi. You can check in on her next book, The Questions in Between, or get inspired with her amazing Instagram. Thanks for listening and remember—your words have power!

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