For me, there really is nothing quite like a fantasy or sci fi novel, especially when it comes to writing one. They are the few genres that allow an author to build entire worlds from scratch. But I’ve always wondered: what does a successful fantasy writing method look like? How does the process work from start to finish?

“If I’m writing a book, particularly if I’m writing fantasy, I try to do it every day just because I find it’s really important to immerse yourself in that world as much as you can.”

In this week’s episode of Coffee Break, I get a chance to talk to young adult fantasy author Helen Scheuerer. Helen has recently released her first fantasy novel, Heart of Mist. She is also the founding editor of Writer’s Edit, an online literary magazine and writing community. So she can tell you all about critiquing and publishing, both as an editor and an author.

“You can never make everybody happy… Obviously you have to listen to the feedback that you’re being given, but you don’t always have to agree with it.”

Helen shares the impact that routine and self-care have on creativity, as well as dealing with the restless agitation that comes from neglecting your writing. She also gives us a sneak peek at a day in the life of a fantasy author.

“It was so exciting to be in a world that I had complete and utter control over. I was allowed to be as creative and crazy as I wanted to be… I had forgotten that writing is supposed to be fun.”

I hope today’s episode inspired you to get up and write like it did me. Be sure to stop by Helen’s website and social medias to see what’s new. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to scratch your writing itch regularly!

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