My guests and I often talk about living creatively or finding the energy to produce, publish, and market a book. And while I believe every writer should try and publish at least one book in their lives (me included!), many of us will likely find ourselves writing in more practical ways. Enter the technical writer.

“So much of the content we see has gone through this filter of a content management system. And we don’t realize it until we actually have to jump in there and do it.”

This week on Coffee Break, I talk with user experience architect and fellow content strategist Corey Vilhauer. Like most good online writers, Corey understands the rules of language and when to break them.

Whether it’s writing an in-depth article or streamlining a website, this is the kind of fast and dirty writing that puts food on many writer’s tables. That isn’t to say copywriting and content strategy don’t require as much creativity (if not more) as novel writing.

“The thought that has to go into putting structure around the publication…it’s really important. Can you write an article that can be summed up in 55 words?”

Technical writing helps many writers find a voice and teaches skills you just can’t learn in school. But, as Corey puts it, sometimes it feels like we’re only “pretending to be writers.” But whether it’s writing for an audience or optimizing content for a bot, we are all writers and we all share a love of literature.

“I really do believe that most of my good writing is stuff that I let go for about a week and came back to and had the energy to start over again.”

I hope the content strategists listening in today feel some love with this episode! Please let me know if you’d like to see more episodes dedicated to tackling “everyday” writing like this.

Be sure to check out Corey’s websites (below) and stop by his Twitter profile to ask about his upcoming book and seminar series. Thanks for listening and, however you do it, keep writing!

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