Have you ever wondered about your creative limits, or convinced yourself you just aren’t creative at all? Have you ever thought of your talents as a muse to be coaxed out of hiding or something that just comes and goes? 

I think your creativity is more tangible than all that. Maybe thinking and living creatively is as simple as having fun with your brain.

“We’re not born creative. What we’re born with is the capacity and the desire to experience creativity.”

In today’s Coffee Break, I sit down with Bob Stromberg—writer, author, comedian, and most recently, podcaster. Bob is the host of The Wide-Eyed Creative Podcast, a show dedicated to exploring the creative process and helping listeners live more creative lives.

“When you experience creativity, it still feels like play. It’s so fun!”

Bob shares his thoughts and stories dealing with rediscovering the wonder and creative play of our childhood, approaching creativity as both a gift and a developed skill, and the origins of daily creativity—self discovery and emotional resonance.

“If you feel like, ‘I’ve just hit a writer’s block. I can’t write a thing,’ you’ve got to begin grabbing what grabs you emotionally.”

I hope today’s episode reinvigorates your desire to create something awesome, whether that’s a work in progress or something completely new. Be sure to stop by Bob’s website and social medias to see what he’s been up to and say hello. Thank you so much for listening and keep creating!

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