Sometimes I wonder what it’s going to take to finally get me to publish my novel.

If I’m being honest, I think I often look at the scope of a project too broadly. When I think about writing, I start to visualize outlines and timetables and marketing strategies—overwhelming myself before I’ve even begun.

“I was just trying to writeand realized I had a lot to learnbut then also realized that I can just write garbage. And that’s okay.”

In today’s Coffee Break, I have a lovely chat with Matthew Brough—pastor, author, publisher, and, most recently, host of the podcast Spirituality for Ordinary People. In addition to helping his listeners explore their faith, Matt is also a self-made encourager to self-publishing hopefuls.

“I think getting help with the structure and with the copyediting and with proofreading—that’s essential.”

Besides the ups and downs of self publishing, Matt talks about his checkered past with learning to love reading, the inspiration behind his new podcast, and setting ridiculously small goals that pave the way to a better writing career. He also shares the wonderful story of how he helped his mom self publish her own novel!

“I think that’s probably true for anybody who’s thinking about either self publishing or traditional publishing. You gotta think about what your goals are.”

I hope Matt’s experiences and encouragement gets you out of your seat and back into your writing. Be sure to check in with Matt online and on Twitter to say hello. Thank you so much for listening, and keep taking those baby steps!

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