I don’t like to admit it, but some of my best writing comes from places of frustration or sadness. Whether that’s working an infuriating day job or working through personal loss, our writing can’t help but contain our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. So it’s only natural that more heightened emotions yield more relatable writing.

“The problem with fairy tales, as I discovered… is that there’s always someone to blame for the problem that the story revolves around.”

Short story author Erin Pringle is no stranger to the therapeutic and connective power of writing through grief. Her short story collections, The Floating Order and The Whole World at Once, deal with themes of love and loss. While the first focuses on folk tales and the latter has more traditional short stories, both were written after the passing of loved ones. But, as Erin admits, even she can’t be considered an expert in dealing with grief.

“I learned that grief is completely different for each person that you lose.”

In this week’s Coffee Break, Erin and I talk about the compulsions writers have to “fix” our grief and others’ through writing. We also talk about the “percolating” process of digesting and processing intense emotions and how writing can help us through these tough times.

“It’s like I’m going on journeys looking for these beautiful moments to try to put together. That experience is what brings me back to writing again and again.”

I think the subjects of loss and grief are so very important to explore and share, not just for writers but for everyone. Hopefully this episode connected with you on a more personal level than usual. I know it did for me.

Be sure to stop by Erin’s Twitter account and check out her books and other projects on her website below. Thank you so much for listening and keep writing!

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