Sometimes people say nice things about my podcast.

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Praise for Write Now


Sarah Werner is producing an amazing podcast.

iTunes listener nondualism


Her voice? I swoon for it.

— podcast listener Katie


Great listen! Honest without being brutal, encouraging without being pandering… Great binge listening for writers.

iTunes listener NoExtraWords


This podcast is a delight. Sarah helps spark and inspire the creative impulse, and her smoothly rendered intonations help set the stage. Well worth a listen.

— podcast listener & English teacher JP Schroeder


Today I feel excited about life! I feel inspired, passionate, and worthy. All thanks to your lovely podcast.

— podcast listener Allie H.


Even though you don’t know me, I am here to say “Thank you, Sarah, for your encouragement.”

— iTunes listener AuraAntiques


I am hooked on this show.

— iTunes listener weasledrummer


Sarah is a GOOD interviewer and gets her guests to share good tips.

iTunes listener storyteller/educator


I love Write Now! I work a really intense job, and write on the side as a hobby. Sarah’s tips for balancing work and writing have really helped me reach my writing goals. Sarah’s podcast is a mixture of excellent advice with lots of humor sprinkled in. If you’re a writer, definitely give this a listen!!!

iTunes listener Rachelrx


Sarah has a refreshingly honest perspective on the struggle to balance work and life while keeping the writing spark ignited. Beautiful and inspiring, I highly recommend!

— podcast listener & blogger Mad Like Alyce


It’s a free college course!… If Write Now can’t inspire you to start writing, nothing can.

iTunes listener skatimmy737


Definitely check this one out—it’s a great podcast!

iTunes listener violetsandwolves


I find myself replaying episodes at work just to absorb a quote or tidbit that I missed on first listen… I highly recommend this for anyone who needs that creative shot of brain espresso to get them excited about writing again.

iTunes listener drewktc


Excellent listen. The discussions about writing on this show have helped me finally start to put words on paper.

Stitcher listener Eric56


Delightful and encouraging. Sarah’s soothing voice is easy to listen to, and the ever-encouraging content of the podcast is just the thing a writer like me needs to hear sometimes. Give this one a go, and you won’t regret it!

iTunes listener Mr Enfilade


This has to be my favorite writing podcast.

iTunes listener Jammy 23


While some writing podcasts focus on mechanics and others on the business, Sarah Werner relates to the writer’s heart. Her kind and understanding spirit can encourage a hopeful writer even on a bad day.

iTunes listener jaybirCrw


Every writer needs a tribe: I’ve been looking to find a group of writers or a mentor or SOMETHING, anything to help me along this road, to not feel so alone as a writer. This podcast is it!

— podcast listener & blogger Jessica M. White


I highly recommend Write Now for anyone trying to find the time and energy to create the things they’re passionate about, whatever they may be.

iTunes listener bramichsmith


Lovely! Insightful & honest. Well worth your time!

Stitcher listener Raveneer


Love Sarah’s enthusiasm for writing — it’s so inspiring for “hobby” writers like me who want to pick up a pen, but keep putting it off. Thanks for your encouragement, Sarah!

Stitcher listener jackiej45


Sarah is awesome. Just plain awesome.

— podcast listener & web developer Bryan Burgers


Sarah, you encourage people to follow their passion! You’re like one of those posters with the corny sayings on it, but in real life.

— podcast listener Rebecca W.


Every aspiring writer should listen to this podcast.

iTunes listener MatthewDP