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Sarah Rhea Werner

Sarah Rhea Werner

Sarah Rhea Werner has spent the last decade of her career at the intersection of creativity and technology, and has found her true calling in using these concepts to help and mentor others.

Sarah is a professional writer, editor, podcaster, speaker, and ghostwriter, a contributor to Forbes, and the founder of the Write Now podcast, which helps aspiring writers to find work/life balance while pursuing their creative passion. She is also the writer, editor, and executive producer of the new hit audio drama Girl In Space.


Are you an aspiring writer? Get the time, energy, & courage you need to pursue your passion & write every day with this podcast!
The audio diary of a girl. In space. Listen to the hit new sci-fi mystery audio drama from the creator of the Write Now podcast!
Whether it’s via text, email, or full-fledged book, we communicate with written words. Make sure yours are polished & professional with our help.

Recent Episodes

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