Coffee Break 062: Matthew Brough

Writer, pastor, and podcaster Matthew Brough talks about baby steps, the ups and downs of self publishing, and how he helped his 70-year-old mother publish her first novel.

Coffee Break 061: Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg shares the secrets of living a creative life, taking control of your “muse”, and rediscovering the creativity of your childhood.

Coffee Break 060: Erin Pringle

Short story author Erin Pringle shares how loss and grief spurred her to publish, as well as the therapeutic and calming power of creative writing.

Coffee Break 059: Joseph Bendoski

Thriller author and podcaster Joseph Bendoski talks literary psychology, media manipulation, and the prehistoric survival instincts of storytelling.

Coffee Break 058: Audrey Knapp

Can you gain readers by supporting other authors? Can you make money marketing on social media? Can you successfully self publish? Audrey Knapp thinks so!

Coffee Break 057: Alan Alda

Alan Alda talks about innovative communication methods, the benefits of empathy and listening, and the joys of life’s unexpected interruptions.

Coffee Break 055: Corey Vilhauer

What do writers do when they’re not working on their novels? Corey Vilhauer is glad you asked! Let’s talk about online journalism, copyediting, and UX!

Coffee Break 054: Helen Scheuerer

Fantasy author Helen Scheuerer explains how exercise, daily routine, and group critiques fuel her writing and helped publish her latest novel.

Coffee Break 053: Grant Faulkner

NaNoWriMo Executive Producer Grant Faulkner talks about the process behind National Novel Writing Month, as well as how to develop superhuman creativity!

Coffee Break 052: Joanna Penn

Scalable income? IP assets? No problem! Podcaster and author Joanna Penn shares some realistic options to turn your writing side-hustle into a career.

Coffee Break 051: Lora Mitchell

Instagram, poetry, and therapy through storytelling. Lora Mitchell shares her love of the written word and her journey to self publishing.

Coffee Break 050: Randal Greene

New author Randal Greene exposes the secret life of a full-time writer, as well as a sure-fire way to capture ‘the muse’ and beat writer’s block!

Coffee Break 049: Nicole Gulotta

Food and poetry? Yes, please! Nicole Gulotta dishes on deadline-free writing, building an audience, and rediscovering your forgotten passions.

How To Rest As A Writer – WN 064

As writers who hold down day jobs, have family and social obligations, and try to fit creative writing into our lives, how do we find time to rest? When should we rest? For how long? And how guilty should we feel about it? Today's episode of the Write Now podcast...

Coffee Break 048: Katie Cross

Author Katie Cross talks having it all: a loving family, a legitimate writing career, and a supportive network of peers. It’s possible AND practical!

Coffee Break 047: Jeffery Weaver

Long-time fan of the show and cancer-fighting author Jeffery Weaver shares his incredible story and talks character building, rejection, and motivation.

Coffee Break 046: Rachel Stout

Think self publishing is your only option? Think again! Rachel Stout spills the beans on traditional publishing and working with literary agents.

Do I Need A Writing Degree? – WN 062

  I always thought the #1 most-asked question I would receive as a writing podcaster would be along the lines of, "How do I write strong characters?" or "How do I develop themes within my writing?" But the question I'm actually asked the most is, "Do I need a...

Coffee Break 045: Ryan Dalton

YA novelist and nerd culture extraordinaire Ryan Dalton talks about unorthodox writing, tips for green authors, and pushing through publisher rejections.

Self-Writing and Self-Talk – WN 061

Words have power—especially the words we say and think about ourselves. So whether you think you’re slime or God’s gift to writing, the way you think about yourself can have an immense effect on your work.

Coffee Break 043: Mark Rubinstein

Award-winning novelist and psychiatrist Mark Rubinstein talks about the psychology behind sharing stories and the courage it takes to write them down.

Make Them Tell You No – WN 060

What’s the worst that will happen if you put yourself out there? How will you handle rejection? Even worse, what happens if you do nothing?

Coffee Break 042: Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White talks the virtues of trusting your characters, connecting with readers, leaving behind a legacy, and the secret to writing over 40 books!

Coffee Break 041: Megan Hannum

Editor Megan Hannum shares some new and innovative options for writing, editing, and publishing that you may not have considered.

Coffee Break 040: Vahan Zanoyan

Vahan Zanoyan shares the literary benefits of breaking through comfort zones, sharing fact through fiction, and becoming lost in different cultures.

SEO For Writers – WN 059

You finally have a website! Now how do you let the internet know you exist? How do you attract users? Never fear: SEO (search engine optimization) is here!

Coffee Break 039: Robert Tanenbaum

In this fascinating discussion, novelist Robert Tanenbaum unpacks judicial integrity, American history, and what makes a classic story truly timeless.

All Of The Best Writing Excuses – WN 058

Do you ever put off writing because you need to wash the dishes or watch American Idol with your spouse? Are these legit reasons — or just excuses? Learn how to ditch the excuses and just write in this week’s episode of the Write Now podcast!

Coffee Break 038: Renita Bryant

You just finished your first novel! But… now what? Renita Bryant shares what it takes to go from “hot off the press” to “meet the press”!

Coffee Break 037: Mya Kay

  My friends: I really enjoyed this conversation with full-time YA author, collaborator, and entrepreneur Mya Kay. An eight-time published novelist who recently set a record for the number of books dropped in one day, Mya is smart, savvy, and full of great advice...

Coffee Break 036: Barbara Kyle II

  Oh, my friends. I have a treat for you today. Barbara Kyle (from Coffee Break episode 001) is back, and this time she's talking about what makes a book a real page-turner—from characters to story structure, style, and even business. “What is it that makes...

Coffee Break 035: Kale Lawrence

Today I talk to local writer Kale Lawrence about writing a book series, giving yourself a second chance, and trusting in your own impulsive talent!

Coffee Break 034: Jonathan White

The tides and oceans mean many things to many people around the world. Today’s guest, Jonathan White, won’t rest until he explores them all!

Living A Creative Life – WN 056

Are you living the life you want to live? Living a creative life is about making your own decisions and breaking the mold. But what does that mean?

Coffee Break 033: Jay Greenfield

Think it’s too late to start your novel? After listening to 84-year-old, first-time published Jay Greenfield’s story, you’ll need a new excuse!

Coffee Break 032: Sandy Kreps

Blogging, bullet journaling, and networking. Oh my! Sandy Kreps gives us the honest truth and helpful tips about becoming a full-time freelance writer.

Coffee Break 031: Jake Heilbrunn

Where there’s a will, Jake Heilbrunn has a way! Join us for an inspiring talk about leaving it all behind and finding yourself in the process.

Coffee Break 030: Janna Maron

How can creative nonfiction help you to connect with people? What does it take to find or even create a supportive community? Tune in to find out!

Should I Use A Pen Name? – WN 051

How do you know if writing under a pen name is right for you? This week’s episode of Write Now lays out 6 reasons a pen name might be a smart choice.

Coffee Break 029: Paul Sating

FRIENDS! On today’s Coffee Break episode, I’m talking with writer Paul Sating with a kind of storytelling I haven’t featured before: the audio drama!

Coffee Break 028: David Galef

Novels, poetry, short stories… if you can name it, David has probably written it. In this fantastic episode, we’re talking about the power of brevity, compartmentalizing your life, & more.

Coffee Break 027: Jocelyn K. Glei

  Hey friends, I am thrilled this week to bring you an inspiring conversation with Jocelyn K. Glei. Jocelyn is a writer living in Los Angeles and is the former Founding Editor and Director of 99U. She has written several books on productivity and business and...

Coffee Break 026: Patrick Hicks

  My friends. I am so stoked to bring you this week's podcast episode -- a conversation with Patrick Hicks, poet, author, and the Writer-in-Residence at Augustana University as well as a faculty member at the MFA program at Sierra Nevada College. (Whew!)...

Coffee Break 025: Fauzia Burke

  Oh my gosh you guys. I loved talking to Fauzia Burke, the founder of FSB Associates, a PR firm that promotes books online. She is smart, insightful, optimistic, and experienced, and has a great laugh that will keep you smiling throughout this episode. Oh yeah,...

Coffee Break 024: Ginny Carter

  Hey friends! I had a lovely time speaking with Ginny "The Authormaker" Carter, a professional ghostwriter and writing coach. "You don't want to get halfway through and then realize [you're writing] the wrong book." I sometimes feel like I spend a lot of time...

Coffee Break 023: Kevin T. Johns

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> You guys! I had a blast talking with author and writing coach Kevin T. Johns (who just also happens to be a fellow podcaster as well)! Kevin is the author of several books, including M School, a novel about...

Coffee Break 022: Honorée Corder

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> Today I am proud to share with you a conversation I had with the wonderfully wise and delightful Honorée Corder. Honorée is a speaker, business coach, writing coach, and Writer with a capital W. She is also...

What They Didn’t Teach You In School – WN 047

  We learned a lot of great things in school. But our educational system isn't perfect, and there are some things we should have learned that we didn't (and things we did learn that we maybe shouldn't have). Episode 047 of the Write Now podcast is here to take a...

Coffee Break 021: Jenny Bravo

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> Aside from having an amazingly perfect name, Jenny Bravo is the author of These Are The Moments, as well as the Jenny Bravo Books (formerly Blots & Plots) blog. Jenny works a full-time job in addition to...

Crafting Your Mission Statement – WN 046

  A mission statement is a valuable tool for a writer -- it can help you understand your own story, remind you of your purpose, and guide you toward your goals. And Episode 046 of the Write Now podcast is here to help you create a mission statement of your very...

Coffee Break 020: Andrew Coons

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> Happy Monday, my lovelies (and yes, there is such a thing!). On today's show we're talking with poet and filmmaker Andrew Coons, whose very first book, Sin Eater, came out this month. Andrew and I had a...

Careers for Writers – WN 045

  Perhaps you majored in English, or maybe you simply love to write -- either way, you've dreamed of a career in writing. But what kind of careers are available for you, and how difficult are they to get? And how do you find one that's right for you? Episode 045...

Coffee Break 019: Hend Hegazi

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> Hello, my friends! Today's show is an interview with Arab-American author Hend Hegazi, who has just published her second novel about gratefulness, forgiveness, and the universal yet hidden struggles we all...

Coffee Break 018: Mark Messick

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> Oh, hey there, friends. I have a new guest for you this week -- meet Mark Messick, the 16-year-old bestselling author of more than eleven books. "The reason I'm successful is because I was naive." Mark...

How Do I Find My Muse? – WN 044

  Chances are, you've heard of the concept of a muse, whether you've read your fair share of Shakespeare or simply seen Disney's Hercules. But can a muse possibly have an effect on us here in the modern world? Episode 044 of the Write Now podcast takes a look at...

Coffee Break 017: Andrew Chapman

  Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS I fully realize it has been approximately 700 years since I last released a podcast episode. I should probably do what all of the SMART podcasters do and simply announce a "Summer...

How Important Is Networking For Writers? – WN 043

  I know, I know. You hate networking. I know this because I hate networking. It feels so corporate and shallow and sell-out-y. But it's important for writers nonetheless. And episode 043 of the Write Now podcast is here to help you navigate the turbulent waters...

Coffee Break 016: Melissa Johnson

Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> I am so excited today to bring you a delightful conversation with my good friend and mentor Melissa Johnson. "Your soul needs to create." Melissa is a successful entrepreneur several times over, as well as a...

Are There Any Original Ideas Left? – WN 042

Is it true that there's "nothing new under the sun", that we just keep retelling the same 3 stories over and over, and that Hollywood is out of ideas? Are there any original ideas left to be had by you or me? Let's explore this and much more in Episode 042 of...

Coffee Break 015: Karan Bajaj

Subscribe to the Write Now podcast on iTunes!>> Oh my gosh. I absolutely loved interviewing bestselling Indian author (& striving yogi!) Karan Bajaj for this week's episode of Coffee Break. Karan has an amazing story and a wonderful heart, and I'm so excited...

Should Writers Be Paid? – WN 041

We hear it all the time: "We can't afford to pay our writers," or "Your payment will be exposure and experience!" But is that true? Should you take that unpaid internship, or write for a paid publication for free? Find out in Episode 041 of the Write Now podcast....

Coffee Break 014: David Faux

  I'm excited to bring you a special guest for this week's Coffee Break -- science fiction writer and all-around wonderful person David Faux. David is a church-custodian-turned-tow-truck-driver, but he is also in the process of querying his first novel, a space...

How To Deal With Rejection – WN 040

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS   It happens to every writer sooner or later: dreaded rejection. But does it really need to be so... dreaded? Episode 040 of the Write Now podcast explores different types of rejection and how some of them can actually help us to...

Coffee Break 013: Diane Vallere

  Today our guest is fashion mystery writer Diane Vallere, who has written four cozy mystery series and is a self-described mix of Barbie, Trixie Belden, and Rocky Balboa. Also, a teddy bear inspired her to write her latest mystery series. (Seriously, how...

The Worst Writing Advice – WN 039

  The internet is brimming with writing advice -- both good and bad. Episode 039 of Write Now talks about how to determine which advice is worth following, and gives you a rundown of what I think are the worst offenders. Bad advice is bad. I think we've all...

Coffee Break 012: JoAnna Ver Meer

  Oh my friends, I am so very excited about today's Coffee Break episode (a.k.a. Tea Break, just for today). That's because I'm talking with my good friend & poet JoAnna Ver Meer, and I think that, by the end of this episode, you'll adore her as much as I do....

Coffee Break 011: Matt Paulson, Take 2

  You might remember Matt Paulson from one of my very first Coffee Break episodes, where we talked about his digital publishing company, automating the writing process, and blogging, as well as a book he had recently written. Five months later, Matt is publishing...

Give Yourself Some Grace – WN 038

I ended the last episode of the Write Now podcast (#037) with the concept of giving yourself some grace. I ended up thinking about that concept for a long time after that, so decided to give grace its own episode. I hope you enjoy it here in Episode 038. My deep, dark...

Coffee Break 010: Kaitlyn Mirison

  Kaitlyn Mirison was one of the first people to get in touch with me when I first launched the Coffee Break offshoot of the Write Now podcast. And I am so grateful that she did. Kaitlyn is the author of An Artist's Pillars, and host of the Potential &...

De-Clutter Your Life So You Can Write – WN 037

  I've been thinking a lot about work/life/writing balance ever since I committed to writing a book this year. And so Episode 037 of the Write Now podcast is about just that -- balance, clutter, distraction, scheduling, and so much more. Just keep spinning......

The Pressure To Be Great – WN 036

  We're under tons of pressure all the time -- as writers, family members, employees, and just as human beings in general. That stuff can really get to you -- and that's what we're talking about in Episode 036 of the Write Now podcast. Under pressure. Pressure...

Coffee Break 009: reShoUNn Foster

  Welcome to another Coffee Break episode of the Write Now podcast. I'm so glad you're here. Today I'm talking with beautiful poet, corporate writer, anthroponymist, jazz den owner, community builder, & kindred spirit reShoUNn Foster, who is working to...

Coffee Break 008: Deane Barker

Hi friends! Welcome to your monthly Coffee Break episode of the Write Now podcast. Today I want to share with you the delightful and fun conversation I had with Deane Barker, who has been an authority in the web content management space since the mid-'90s and is...

The Power of a Writers’ Group – WN 035

  One thing I always want to stress in the Write Now podcast is the fact that you are not alone. Despite what you might feel, despite what you might what (or think you want), you're not alone. This is important. And it's the focus of Episode 035 of the Write Now...

Feeling Like A Fraud – WN 034

    Oh, my friends. It's time for episode 034 of the Write Now podcast. And I am so glad about that. 🙂 Before we begin, a quick note that I've made it easier than ever before to support the work I do with the Write Now podcast with my new Tip Jar! 😀 All...

Do I Need A Website? – WN 033

Welcome to episode 033 of the Write Now podcast! Today I am answering the question, "As a writer, do I need a website?" I am also answering the inevitable follow-up questions of "Why?" and "How?" Stay tuned! Though as you listen, please note: I am not a lawyer! So...

Your New Year’s Writing Resolution – WN 032

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Let's take a look at New Year's resolutions specifically for writers in episode 032 of the Write Now podcast. Make & keep your New Year's resolution. Let's be honest -- we are not part of the 8% of the populace that...

Coffee Break 007: Vanessa Blakeslee

Hi friends! Welcome to your weekly Coffee Break. Today I'm talking to Vanessa Blakeslee, the acclaimed short-story writer (and, I can add, distinguished and delightful personage) who has published her first novel, Juventud. Juventud (or "Youth") is a beautifully and...

Creating In A Time of Destruction – WN 031

Talking about creation and destruction go hand-in-hand. And I think that writers play a special part in not only conveying the destruction of the present, but creating the future. Makers gonna make, yo. Let's do this together in episode 031 of the Write Now podcast....

Coffee Break 006: Kate Dyer-Seeley

My friends, I have to admit: this episode of Coffee Break almost turned me into a hypocrite. Earlier this week, I released an episode of Write Now titled Letting Go, especially re: perfectionism. I proclaimed, several times, that "done is better than perfect!" This...

Letting Go – WN 030

  Letting go is one of the hardest things a writer (let alone a human being) has to do. It speaks of loss -- whether willful or not -- and grief and all manner of unpleasant things. But as a writer, you have to do it. And it would benefit you to learn to do it...

Writing With All of Your Senses – WN 029

I'm back from my mission trip to Jamaica, my friends. And I have several stories and writing insights to share with you. It's all here in episode 029 of the Write Now podcast. Is travel a "must" for writers? Travel is a great way for writers to learn, grow, and gain...

Coffee Break 005: Abraham Allende

  It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of Coffee Break. I love talking with people who have interesting stories to tell. And Abraham Allende -- former Cleveland sportscaster and current bishop of the Northeastern Ohio Synod of the ELCA -- has...

My Writing Retreat – WN 028

Welcome to Episode 028 of Write Now. I've returned from my annual writing retreat and we've got some catching up to do. Should I take a writing retreat? I've spoken with a lot of writers over the years about the merits of a writers' retreat. And the question of Should...

NaNoWriMo and You – WN 027

Help support this podcast on Patreon! >> It's November--and you know what that means! Or maybe you don't, in which case I'll tell you: it's NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH! And the way I see it, November is a time to celebrate all writers, not just novelists. That...

Coffee Break 004: Dave Booda

  It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of Coffee Break. Dave Booda (that's him, with the magnificent man-bun) of the Darken the Page podcast got in touch with me a while ago about recording a podcast episode together, and I thought it sounded...

When Life Kinda Sucks – WN 026

Help support this podcast! >> Episode 026 of the Write Now podcast is once again sponsored by my good friend Dave Booda at the Darken the Page podcast. Check it out! Life isn't always as amazing as we'd like it to be. ...To put it lightly. Sometimes the Powers...

Coffee Break 003: Matt Paulson

Hey friends. It's time for another Coffee Break! Today, I'm speaking to my good friend Matt Paulson, the author of two books and finance blogger-turned-entrepreneur. Matt is a smart dude who did something really interesting. He built a software program to gather...

My 10 Favorite Books (Part 2) – WN 025

Help support this podcast! >> Episode 025 of the Write Now podcast is sponsored by my good friend Dave Booda at the Darken the Page podcast for creatives of all kinds. He's a smart and funny dude. Check it out! LET'S TALK ABOUT BOOKS AGAIN! Today's podcast is a...

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