I often mistakenly consider authors enlightened beings who have transcended social norms and risen above the petty things that keep me from being successful. Imagine how refreshing it is to be reminded that authors are just peoplewith the same anxieties, preoccupations, and insecurities about writing that you have!

“I realized quickly once I got into self publishing that there was so much more to it than writing.”

Today, I am joined by Katie Cross: author, mom, and all-around fantastic person. In this week’s Coffee Break, we delve deep into the hang-ups, must-haves, and take-aways of becoming a self-published parent, including the need to surround yourself with talented peers and learning to accept criticism.

“Even the haters can offer some really good insight… There’s always a new angle to come at the story and you can learn a lot about what you’re writing that way.”

But most importantly (at least in my opinion), Katie talks about taking yourself seriously as a career writer, shifting the sometimes insignificant feel of self publishing into a legitimate and self-affirming business.

“I need to back up and give myself the legitimacy of ‘I am an entrepreneur, I am running a business from home, and I am going to rock it!'”

I really hope you identify with Katie’s story and her super-approachable philosophy on work/life balance. Stop by her website and social medias to say hello! Also, be sure to check out the helpful resources Katie talks about in today’s episode.

Thanks for listening, friends, and keep writing!

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